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8 Heating Issues You May Face This Winter

Brrrr! It’s getting cold out there, which means only one thing. It’s about to start getting cold in here as well if it hasn’t already. By now, you should have already tested out your home’s heating system for the season.

Can you say with confidence that your furnace is tuned up and ready to go? If not, you may want to read on to learn about some of the home heating havoc that may be coming your way. (You also may want to schedule a seasonal maintenance appointment ASAP, but we’ll get to that later.)

  1. There’s cold or barely warm air coming from your registers.
  2. Warm air is circulating, but there’s not enough to heat your home.
  3. Your pilot light is out or won’t stay lit.
  4. Your furnace is refusing to kick on all-together.
  5. Your furnace is kicking on, but it only works intermittently for short periods of time.
  6. You hear loud noises coming from your furnace whenever it’s running.
  7. You’ve got a blower that just won’t quit running.
  8. Something keeps tripping your carbon monoxide detectors.

There are a variety of reasons why any combination of the above might be occurring, but more often than not, it comes down to three usual suspects:

  1. You’ve been slacking on regular DIY maintenance, i.e., filter changes.
  2. Your unit is old and nearing the end of its lifecycle.
  3. You haven’t been scheduling regular tune-ups each season from the pros.

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