It’s National One Hit Wonder Day and while we all love Smashmouth and the Baja Men, this isn’t just about music. We don’t want your new air conditioner to be a One Hit Wonder, so there are a few things you need to do before shutting it down for the season. Here is a step-by-step breakdown to help you keep your air conditioner relevant next Summer:

Air conditioner repair- maintenance plan

Step 1: Shut it Down

Before you do anything to repair or maintain your air conditioner, you need to make sure the unit has no power running to it. To be safe, you should shut it down on your circuit breaker and unplug it.

Step 2: Check Out the Air Filter

Your air filter is responsible for defending the air in your home from harmful dust particles and mold that could pass through the air conditioner. These filters build up moisture throughout the Summer season and if they are left alone all winter, they can develop mold and mildew that will be harmful when you turn the unit back on. Clean your filter before shutting down your air conditioner so that you have one less thing to worry about come Spring.

Step 3: Empty the Drip Pan

Your drip pan accumulates with the condensation from the outside air and in some cases, they can gather a good amount of water throughout the season. Standing water can bring pests and negatively impact indoor air quality if it is left alone for too long. Don’t let it go until next year!

Step 4: Clean the Coils

You can buy coil cleaner from the hardware store and add it to your pump sprayer as the owner’s manual instructs you to. Let the coil cleaner sit until it foams and then wash it away with the garden hose. Make sure you read the manual before doing this step!

Step 5: Set Up Heating Maintenance

Now that your air conditioner has been put to bed, it’s time to get your furnace or boiler running. Similar to the air conditioner, they are not going to run correctly if they aren’t maintained and your friends at Tyler Air can handle that for you. Preventative maintenance is extremely important, especially with gas powered heating equipment that could pose a fire hazard if you aren’t careful.

Whether you need cooling repairs to end the season, or heating maintenance to start it, the Tyler Air team has you covered. Our certified technicians are the best in the Fairfield and New Haven areas and they are waiting for your call today.

To schedule an appointment, call 203-378-4700 or book online for fast and easy service! 
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