Have you ever noticed in your home or office that men and women tend to dress differently? I mean obviously there are wardrobe differences, but do the women always appear to be dressing warmer? If so, there is a scientific reason behind it! We are all equals in the workplace and at home, but our bodies do not feel our air conditioning the same way. If you always feel like you’re the cold one in the group, this could be the reason why:

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Scientific Proof

You don’t have to feel like a burden, there is actually scientific proof to back you up! Men generate more energy than woman do throughout the day because of their metabolism. This energy is converted to heat and stored inside the fat cells of the human body. Men tend to feel comfortable at a room temperature of 74°F. Women on the other hand feel more comfortable at a temperature that is about 2-3°F warmer than that. While bringing a sweater to work might solve the problem, it is pretty inconvenient.

Office/House Resolutions

A programmable thermostat can regulate the temperature in an office or home throughout the day so that it suits both male and female needs. In the morning hours, maybe you’ll decide that the temperature will be set to where the men feel comfortable. In the afternoon, that temperature can automatically reset itself to fit a woman’s needs. Just like everything else in the world, all it takes is a little compromise. There are also zoned cooling systems that can heat/cool rooms to specific temperatures. This could be something you want to look into if you have problems with the temperature your spouse enjoys.

Here at Tyler Air, we do not discriminate! We install, service and repair cooling systems in commercial and residential properties throughout the Fairfield and New Haven County area. We have been at it for over a decade and we can provide you with the specific needs you have. A cooling system that fits everyone’s needs is our goal!

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