We have all seen the horrors that Hurricane Harvey brought to Texas and the rest of the Southwest, and we stand together with our fellow Americans! Hurricanes and other natural disasters pose a major threat to our society and the only thing we can do is make sure we are prepared to push through the storm. One thing we have to keep in mind is our HVAC system and an expensive piece of equipment like that needs to be protected in the event of a major storm. Here is what you need to know:

storm damage- HVAC repair

Threat of Lightning

Lightning strikes are just as rare as shark attacks, but we still fear sharks as we head into the ocean, right? Hurricanes bring a lot of energy and that energy rains down on us in the form of lightning and a strike can happen to any home in your Connecticut neighborhood. If a strike occurs anywhere on your home, as much as 5 billion joules of energy could be running through your plumbing and electrical systems in no time. If your air conditioner is running during a strike, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye!

Surge Protectors Won’t Get the Job Done

The obvious solution that a lot of people turn to in these situations is to plug their unit into a surge protector. We’re here to tell you that this is pointless if you’re trying to dodge storm damage. The best way to protect your air conditioner is with lightning rods, ground rods and conductors so you can lead the strikes down a different path. These systems are not full proof, so it is still better to turn your air conditioner off during a lightning storm.

Rain Poses No Threat

Rain is not an issue when it comes to your air conditioner. The only issue comes with flooding and an outdoor unit that is unprotected. If there is standing water surrounding your central A/C system, turn the unit off!

Flying Debris Does

Hurricane Harvey brought winds north of 100 mph and these conditions bring very dangerous situations with them. Wood panels, tree branches, shutters and other debris can go flying through the air and crack windows or your A/C if you aren’t careful. When your local weather team tells you heavy winds are on the way, it’s best to build some sort of barricade around your outdoor unit. ProTip- Make sure you leave it room to breathe! If storm damage or old age cause problems for your air conditioner, the experts at Tyler HVAC can help! We have been repairing units in the Fairfield and New Haven areas for over 10 years and at this point, there is very little we haven’t already seen.

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