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5 Common HVAC Questions Answered

We know HVAC isn’t the most interesting topic and for that reason, many homeowners don’t know a lot about it. The only time they have a real vetted interest is when something goes wrong and they need solutions. We understand and we are here to help you become a mini-HVAC expert yourself»


How Can I Cut Costs?

  • The general rule of thumb is that every degree on your thermostat is worth 3% of your overall cooling costs. So for example, raising your temperature from 68°F to 71°F will help save you 9% on cooling costs!
  • You should use ceiling fans to help circulate cool air to cut down on the number of individual units you need. One large window or wall unit should sufficiently cool an entire floor of an average sized home.
  • Annual maintenance is great because it will increase efficiency and help you with the repair or replace decision when it comes.

Does Bigger Mean Better?

In some cases, a bigger air conditioner can actually lead to a number of different issues. It will cool your home faster, but once it reaches the desired temperature, it will act on short cycles which is bad for long term efficiency. Your unit needs to be professionally measured to fit the square footage of your home and we can determine your load size right here at Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC.

Should I Repair or Replace?

This decision is extremely complicated and it really depends on your current situation and what you can afford to spend. A twelve year old central air conditioner that has already needed a fan replacement and now is leaking refrigerant might be best to replace. After a awhile, repairs just don’t last as long. Repair is the cheaper short term solution, but replacement can actually provide greater benefits on future cooling bills.

How Often Should I Change My Filter?

Manufacturers would recommend changing your air filter about every 90 days but it really all depends on usage. If you’re someone who uses your furnace or air conditioner constantly, you might want to check on your filters at the end of every month. They are simple to clean and even if you need a new one, they are cheap to replace!

How Long Does a Central Air Unit Last?

A central air unit will typically last about 10-15 years if you’re careful with it. You should be scheduling annual maintenance and changing filters accordingly to make sure it is running at peak efficiency. Letting your unit try to operate on it’s own from season to season is not smart!

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