Spring has sprung — and while you might be busy at work cleaning out your closets and tossing year-old items from the pantry, there are also some home maintenance tasks to keep top of mind. After all, spring is a time for new beginnings all around, not just on the Swiffering, sanitizing and Salvation Army front.

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  1. Testing your sump pump. Your sump pump has a pretty important job, especially with those April showers rolling in. If it’s not functioning properly, you run the risk of flooding on particularly rainy days, or days where your plumbing decides to clog and backup unannounced — yuck!

  2. Cleaning refrigerator coils. You’ll most likely clean the inside of your fridge, but what about the outside? Allowing dust and dirt to collect on your coils inhibits them from properly releasing heat. That means your compressor works overtime, using more energy and shortening the appliance’s lifespan.

  3. Draining your water heater. If you don’t make sure to drain your water heater little by little each year, don’t be surprised when sediment settles and disrupts your warm water flow. Not only that, but it can cause damage to your tank, resulting in costly repairs.

  4. Changing your air filters. Stop letting dust and debris get in the way of a nice cool home. A dirty, clogged up air filter will act as a barrier, preventing that precious cool air from circulating in your home on a hot spring or summer day.

  5. Emptying out the dryer vents. You probably clean out the easy-empty lint filter often, but when was the last time you reached behind your machine to vacuum out the vents? Allowing lint to build up doesn’t only cause your dryer to use more energy, but it also creates a serious fire risk as well.

  6. Cleaning your AC condenser unit. Unfortunately, starting up your air conditioner when the warm weather hits isn’t as simple as switching the thermostat from heat to cool. It’s important to have your unit serviced before the beginning of each cooling season, so your condenser unit can be cleaned out and turned on by a professional.

Have you scheduled your spring air conditioner maintenance yet? If not — you’re in luck! Now through April 15, Tyler Heating and Air Conditioning is offering a discount of $20 off any new maintenance plan. For more information, call 203-378-4700 or request a service appointment online today.
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