Unless you’ve gone with a ductless mini-split system, the cleanliness and security of your ductwork is everything to your heating and cooling system. Without a fully functioning air duct system to transport warm and cool air throughout your home, your unit itself would be meaningless. For that reason, we’ve brought you some of the best tips to help you keep your air ducts in top shape for years to come.

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  1. Check regularly for split seams and obvious holes. These are the first and most visible indicator that your ducts might not be working to the best of their ability.

  2. Seal your ductwork joints with duct mastic, the leading choice among homeowners and professional installers alike due to its simplicity and durability.

  3. If you prefer to use tape instead, stay away from cloth-backed, rubber adhesive tape, as it has a tendency to peel off more quickly. Remember, heat-approved is important!

  4. If you insulate ducts in the basement, make sure you insulate the walls as well. Failing to do so will prevent warm air from entering the basement, and allow any existing warm air to escape through the uninsulated walls. (Cue the frozen pipes!)

  5. Have a well-sealed vapor barrier installed on top of insulation for cooling ducts to prevent condensation.

  6. Always have working carbon monoxide (CO) monitors throughout your home if your ducts are connected to a fuel-burning furnace or stove.

  7. Don’t DIY!! It can be tempting, but trust us, HVAC repairs (both big and small) are always better left to the professionals.
When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned and inspected? Perhaps you’re due for a visit from one of the knowledgeable HVAC technicians here at Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning.

Whether it’s routine maintenance you seek, or a solution to a heating and cooling emergency, if you live in Fairfield County, New Haven County, dial 203-378-4700. We’re available 24/7/265!
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