During the colder months, there’s nothing worse than a home with less than pleasant heating qualities — wouldn’t you agree? Picture yourself getting out of bed and putting your feet on an ice cold floor — a less than pleasant experience, to say the least. While an effective heating system is a plus, sometimes other options are on the table as well. When it comes to popular methods, forced air and radiant are the two frontrunners. But is radiant heating worth switching over to completely? Below, we’ve compiled a few things to consider. radiant vs forced air heating  
Forced Air
  • Forced air heating can be favored by many for a few reasons. For one, the ductwork that’s required for this type of heating is preferred by those who use central air conditioning in the warmer months as well. This is a benefit for homeowners who love their cooling and heating to be a seamless process, as the air can seamlessly pass through these ducts during their respective seasons.
  • Additionally, the air quality within forced air is usually very high because of the air filters installed into the units. As the air circulates, it passes through these filters which can purify the air and make a huge improvement in your air quality!
Radiant Heating
  • Radiant heating is super efficient — up to 25% better than forced air! While this might not seem like it’s too much, it can leave more money in your pocket, and away from heating costs.
  • You can keep your little piggies warm. Those with radiant heating claim to feel much warmer when their feet are warm, and this can certainly be the case for you as well!
  • Unlike forced air, this can give you a better opportunity to build your home from the ground up, without worrying about creating space for ducts and vents.
Considering a new way to stay toasty this winter? There’s an answer for that. Serving all of Fairfield and New Haven County, our air quality and installation experts can be your go-to providers of heat this winter. For more information about our humidifiers, or to schedule a free indoor air quality evaluation, dial 203-378-4700 to speak with a member of the Tyler Team today.
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