The unfortunate fact of the matter is that dust is everywhere, and even when you get rid of it, it will always come back. It’s just the way it works! That being said, calling any home “dust-free” is kind of a stretch, but we do know a few tips to keep it as dust-less as possible.

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1. Keep pet fur in check.

Like it or not, dead skin cells and hair are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to dust accumulation. The particles get caught in your air ducts and circulate throughout your home. Unfortunately, Fido can’t take himself to the salon for a haircut or run his own bath, so you have to remember to do it for him. Your air will be cleaner, and so will your pet – it’s a win-win!

2. Seal up those windows.

We know you might want to let in some fresh air once in awhile, even when the winter months are here, but for the sake of your home, keep them closed! Opening your windows allows more dust to enter – pollen, mold spores, airborne pollutants, etc.

3. Get rid of your carpeting.

Carpets trap the dirt, pet dander and debris that make up the majority of the dust in your home – and they release more and more dust with every step you take. Say goodbye to your carpets once and for all. You’ll breathe better and your home will look refreshed with slick tile or hardwood instead.

4. Clean pillows and beat rugs.

When was the last time you did either of those? ..We thought so. If you absolutely MUST keep a rug lying around, make sure you take it outdoors and beat it down regularly. This will release the dust particles into the air outside, keeping them out of your home. As far as pillows, slam them together outdoors like you would a chalkboard eraser. If possible, unzip their covers and toss them in the wash as well.

5. Change your air filters.

Your home lives and breathes through its HVAC system, and it’s air filters in particular. When filters are dirty and clogged, they’re no longer able to perform their duty – ergo, dust and dirt are filtered back into the air. For that reason, changing your filters every 1-3 months is crucial.

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