It’s Black Cat Day, and while we love furry friends just as much as the next guy, there’s no denying that seeing a black cat cross our path can sometimes give us the chills. The old myth that says black cats are bad luck is one that has survived for centuries, but today we’re actually here to talk about bad omens for your furnace instead. 5 Bad Omens For Your Furnace | Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning | Furnace Repair Fairfield County

Omen #1: It’s over the hill.

Most people don’t realize that an average furnace’s lifespan is only about 16-20 years long. It’s very easy, especially as new homeowners, to let your furnace go way past its expiration. After all, you may not have installed that furnace, so it’s probably not top of mind.

Omen #2: Your bills are sky-high.

If you notice your gas and electric bills are steadily rising, your furnace might be to blame. Like most appliances, the older your furnace gets, the more energy it uses and less efficient it will be.

Omen #3: You’re calling your tech often.

Frequent service calls are a surefire sign that your furnace is reaching the end of its rope. As you may already be aware, replacing parts and fixing and old furnace often can quickly add up. At that rate, why not spring for a new one?

Omen #4: The burner flame is yellow.

Your burner should burn a steady bright blue at all times. A yellow or flickering flame can indicate that carbon monoxide is present. You may also notice soot, excess moisture on windows and walls, and rusting in your flue pipes. In any event, you’ll want to call in a pro right away, as CO can be life threatening.

Omen #5: You’re hearing bumps in the night.

Any strange noise can be startling, but those coming from your furnace can be a sign. Banging, popping, rattling or squealing can indicate that repairs are needed. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what each sound might mean.

If your furnace is giving you a fight this Halloween weekend, we suggest you give the professionals at Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Our knowledgeable service and installation teams will be able to tell you what’s ailing your heating system, and will help you take the correct steps to fix or replace it.

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