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A Complete Guide To Checking Your HVAC System

It’s about that time — when you start transitioning your home’s HVAC system from cooling to heating duties. If you thought it was going to be a breeze, think again! There’s a lot that goes into checking and preparing your unit for the fall. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the complete seasonal maintenance guide below.

A Complete Guide To Checking Your HVAC System | Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning | HVAC Service Fairfield County

The Filters

Get in the habit of pulling your filters out monthly to inspect them for build up debris. If you do find that your filters have gathered dust, swap them out or vacuum them off — depending what type you have.

The Return Grills & Registers

While you have them open and are checking out your filters, make sure the grills themselves aren’t covered in dirt and dust. The same goes for your registers. You should vacuum them out and wipe them down regularly to avoid dirt, pet hair and dust build up.

The Ducts

Check your ductwork for visible dents, peeling tape, or collapsed sections. If you notice any unexplained dirt streaks, this could indicate that air is escaping through a crack or seam.

The Furnace

It’s time for your furnace to shine — and it should be shining bright blue. After firing it up, inspect the flame to make sure it’s not flickering yellow or orange. This could mean big problems that require professional help.

The Compressor

Whether you’re using your air conditioner or not, it’s important to keep the outdoor compressor clear of vines, leaves and the like. Clear away any brush you find and inspect the fins for damage, carefully bending them back into place if necessary. If your fan blades are broken or your unit is sitting on a slope, better call a pro right away.

The Thermostat

Finally! The last step is to clean out your thermostat with a Q-tip and ensure that all temperature settings are accurate. You may also consider upgrading to a smart thermostat option for optimal heating and cooling, at the ideal cost.

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