While heatwave temperatures might finally be starting to break in Connecticut, that doesn’t mean we’re in the clear just yet! We’ve still got many more hot sunny days to go before summer officially ends, and we can’t think of anything worse than having your air conditioner check out before then. Luckily, we’re here to tell you how to keep cool with no AC, while you wait for your HVAC specialist to come get your system up and running again.

My A/C Just Broke -- Now What? | AC Repair Fairfield County | Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning

Shut out the sunlight. We know, natural light is the best part of a warm summer morning, but trust us! Sunlight accounts for a large portion of your home’s heat, so keeping curtains drawn will help keep things cool. Reflective window film can also keep sunlight from penetrating your home.

Embrace the breeze. Crack the windows early in the morning and late at night. Although it might be hot out, it’s still cooler outdoors than in your enclosed home. Let the hot air escape and allow the cooler air to filter in.

Run ceiling fans counter-clockwise. This ensures that your fans will be pulling warm air up and out. Just be sure to switch back in the winter!

Eliminate incandescent lights. Not only will they drive your energy bill through the roof, but they’ll give off unwanted heat as well. Switching to an LED or CFL bulb will be more beneficial all around.

Barbecue some burgers. No, we’re not kidding! Using your oven or stovetop can create a ton of excess heat in your home. Taking the dinner party outdoors will not only allow you to utilize your grill, but will also help you cool off. Remember, it’s cooler outside than in!

Hopefully a cold glass of water and a few of these tips will you and your family stay comfortable while you wait for your HVAC issue to be resolved. And if you’re unsure who to call to have your air conditioner services, look no further than Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning.

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