“Change your air filter!” You’ve heard it before. Tending to your air filter regularly is the golden rule when it comes to HVAC system maintenance. The question is, how long do they really last? Best practice says you should check your air filters monthly, and change whenever dirt or debris buildup is present. That being said, the rate at which filters will wear out is dependent on the kind that you select for your system.

How Long Do A/C Filters Last? | Air Conditioning Fairfield County | Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning

HEPA Filters are the best kind, in that they collect even the tiniest dust and dirt particles before they contaminate your air. That being said, since they’re most likely to catch dirt and debris they’re also more likely to be require replacing often. Generally speaking, the month-to-month check-in is usually a pretty good benchmark for these.

Electrostatic Filters are known for their affordability, but catch less debris. For that reason, a good electrostatic filter should usually last you about three-to-six months on average before it needs to be replaced. You can get away with checking every three months, instead of monthly should you choose.

Electronic Filters are technologically advanced enough that an air blocking clog from a dirty filter is usually not an issue. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require any TLC! Though the air will not clog, the filter itself will stop working and begin spitting dust and dirt out of your filters. Typically, electronic filters should be cleaned once every six months, or more if your house is particularly dusty.

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