Let’s face is, the outdoor components of your home’s central air conditioner can be pretty unsightly. Unfortunately, if you want to reap all the benefits of a cool, air conditioned home in the summer, you’ll have to deal with having the unit outdoors all year round — but that doesn’t mean it has to remain an eyesore. These simple tricks can help you conceal and camouflage your unit more easily.

Sleek Ways to Hide Your A/C Unit Outdoors | HVAC Service Fairfield County | AC Repair New Haven County | Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning

Build a fence. Remember that picket fence project you finished last summer to help boost your home’s curb appeal? Gather those leftover pieces you stashed away and repurpose them to fence in your A/C. Don’t have any left over? Visit your local home improvement store and select a reasonably priced alternative that matches your current fencing. Some pre-made lattice perhaps?

Add some art. One-up your standard fence and add some artwork to the mix. You may choose to build a mosaic encasement, or simply boost up your lattice with some hand-painting. Whatever you choose, just be sure to leave the top of your enclosure open to give the unit room to breathe.

Grow a garden. If you’re looking for a more natural approach, consider shielding your unit with some foliage. Whether it’s large bushes or tall wildflowers, just make sure you leave enough space between the greenery and the unit. You’ll have to be very vigilant about keeping it groomed and trimmed back as well.

What ways have you come up with to help your air conditioner unit blend in outdoors? Share your insight and photos on our Facebook page!

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