Hooray, summer has officially arrived! While we were all certainly anxiously awaiting the warmer weather and poolside weekends, one thing we’re not looking forward to is the humidity that will ensue. Lucky for you, the team here at Tyler has gathered a few great tips to help you conquer humidity inside your home this season.

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Seal out moisture. From your window and door seals, to your indoor plumbing, make sure there are no opportunities for moisture to enter your home. Re-apply windowstripping if necessary, check plumbing for leaks and insulate pipes to prevent condensation.

Keep soil covered. Houseplants are great for improving air quality, but they can also contribute to humidity as well. Make sure to cover their soil to avoid evaporation, keeping your plants well hydrated, and your indoor air nice and dry.

Limit shower time. The longer you spend in the steamy hot shower, the more water will have the opportunity to evaporate and make its way into your home’s air. Avoid adding excess moisture to the mix by keeping your showers short, sweet, and moderately warm instead.

Replace A/C filters. Your air conditioner works wonders to help keep air circulating in your home When working properly, not only does it cool the air, but it can help pull out excess moisture and assist with ventilation. Making sure your filters are clean only adds to your A/C’s efforts.

Use a dehumidifier. When all else fails, purchase a trusty dehumidifier to remove icky, sticky water from the air. Depending on the severity, you may need to purchase multiple units and distribute them throughout the house for best results.

Has your home already begun to adopt that uncomfortable, sticky feel? If so, allow Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning to come assess the situation! We’ll provide a free estimate and make suggestions to help you and your family stay comfortable this summer.

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