Energy costs can skyrocket as the summer season commences. Why? Because most homeowners like to enjoy a cool, crisp, air conditioned house when they get home from a long day of work — don’t you? While bumping the A/C can certainly cause your energy bills to rise, fortunately there are a number of steps you can take to keep costs low as you beat the heat.

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Keep filters clean. As a general rule, check your filters once a month, replacing or cleaning them as needed. Not only will this keep your system from working twice as hard to cool your home, but it will help keep common summer allergens and dust out of the air.

Reseal your home. Windows and doors are the most likely places for cool air to escape. Make sure they are properly weatherstripped to avoid letting your money go out the window — literally!

Shade your unit. Whether it’s a window unit or an outdoor compressor, keeping your air conditioner and all its moving parts out of the sun is key. If need be, create some sort of casing or canopy over your outdoor unit to keep it from having to overwork itself.

Cool off the thermostat. Make sure not to place lamps, TVs or any other appliances that can potentially produce heat near your thermostat. Doing so will prevent it from getting an accurate read on the room and it will continue to pump out cold air, even though the room is already cool.

Lower your settings. On average, every degree lower than 78 will increase the energy used to cool a space by 8%. That means if you can keep your thermostat at 78 or above, you’ll be saving money. To balance out the higher temperature, make sure you have your ceiling fans on full force!

Call a professional. Having a pro inspect, clean and tune up your unit at the beginning of the summer is your best bet. The cost of an annual tune up pales in comparison to the repair costs you might incur down the line if you don’t take proper care of your unit now.

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