Ductless heating and cooling systems are just as you would assume — duct-free! Homeowners often have a difficult time installing central air conditioning systems, for a variety of reasons, and turn to window units to get the job done. Unfortunately, while effective in small areas, a window unit cannot fully cool a home the way a centralized system or ductless unit can.

The Specifics
Unlike central air conditioning, which pumps cool air around the home through its air ducts, mini splits are connected directly to outdoor compressors with tubes. Taking the place of complicated ductwork, the tubing allows refrigerant to flow to and from each unit so it can produce it’s own cooling technology, independent of any other units.

The Advantages
When you go ductless, you can enjoy all of the advantages of having a centralized cooling system, and more. Your cooling capabilities will actually be even better, as you can now keep different parts of the home at specific temperatures depending on your liking — all with the click of a remote! If you’re thinking, “so can a window unit,” remember that ductless mini splits are significantly more quiet than window units.

Are you interested in installing a ductless air conditioner in your home this spring? If you live in the Fairfield or New Haven County areas and are looking for a knowledgeable and reliable HVAC contractor for the job, Tyler Heating & Cooling is the obvious choice!

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