Did you know that the thought process used to create air conditioners actually helped kick start the development of computer technology and manufacturing? That’s right, without air conditioners, we might not that computers. Allow us to blow your mind even more with more fun A/C facts below.

  • The very first air conditioner was designed by Willis Carrier in 1902. It’s main function was to balance the humidity levels in a New York publishing house, which would help ink dry faster and keep p
  • Without air conditioning technology, the medical industry would never be as successful as it is today. Many types of medications and medical facilities require cool temperatures to be created and kept in storage.
  • Air conditioners can help minimize the effects of allergies dramatically. Their ability to filter and clean boosts indoor air quality and removes common allergens from your home’s atmosphere.
  • Just like schools, before the invention of air conditioning, many large industries and government offices used to close for the summer months to beat the heat. Imagine having summer vacation for life? Tempting yes, but we’d rather have air conditioners.
  • The first U.S. president to enjoy the benefits of a crisp, cool Oval Office was Herbert Hoover. His system cost a whopping $30,000 — which is equivalent to more than $400,000 today!
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