It’s that time of the year — the time when property owners everywhere kick on their air conditioners after a long winter hiatus with fingers crossed. While many units will start up with no problem, unfortunately for some, this process will not go as smoothly as anticipated. If you run into any issues while starting up your air conditioner this season, here’s what you’ll need to troubleshoot before calling a professional.
  1. The Thermostat – Before you start to panic, check your system’s thermostat to be sure it’s set to “cool” instead of “heat.” It may seem silly, but it’s easy to forget to flip the switch when you’re so used to heating your home for the winter.
  2. The Air Filter – Besides purifying our air, air filters work to prevent dust particles from infiltrating your furnace and A/C units. If your filter is full of debris it can prevent airflow and cause your home’s cooling system to overheat and malfunction.
  3. The Cooling Motor – In order for your air conditioner to work properly, it’s cooling motor must be in good working condition to cool refrigerant down to a liquid state. Check your outdoor condenser and make sure the fan blades are moving. If they are not, it’s likely your cooling motor has burned out and requires replacing.
  4. The Refrigerant – The key element to cooling a home is refrigerant, which can leak or diminish with age. If your system does not possess an adequate level of refrigerant, it will have a difficult time keeping your house cool. But, beware when checking your refrigerant levels, as the chemicals can freeze skin on contact.
  5. The Evaporator Coils – If your system’s temperature is not kept above 32 degrees, the evaporator coils, which cool warm air, can freeze over. If you see that this has occurred, you’ll need to thaw the ice by turning your system off and leaving the blower running. Do not attempt to remove the ice by hand as you can damage the fins and coils.
Is your air conditioner causing you issues? If troubleshooting on your own is not working, just give the experts at Tyler Heating and Air Conditioning a call. Our technicians would be happy to evaluate your system and make any necessary repairs to have it up and running before warm weather hits.

To learn more about our air conditioner maintenance and repair services, visit our website or call 203-378-4700 today.

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