The time to test drive your air conditioner for the season is now! Unfortunately, sitting idly all winter long can sometimes have an adverse effect on your unit. Make sure you’re prepared to troubleshoot any surprise sounds that occur when you kick it on for the first time:
  • Rattling sounds are probably the most common when it comes to air conditioners. Most often the rattling is a result of loosened fasteners within the unit. Your first course of action is to check and tighten and screws or bolts, but make sure the power is completely off first.
  • Whistling noises are caused when a unit and it’s air ducts are not properly sealed. Over time, seals can lose their hold on the seams, allowing air to escape. Make sure to tighten up your ducts, inspect them for cracks and repair any faulty seals.
  • Screeching usually indicates that there is an issue with one of the belts inside your unit’s motor. If this is the case, the belt is likely worn out and can easily be replaced by an experienced DIY-er or a professional.
  • Thudding occurs when something has come loose within the unit and is banging about inside the system. The most common offenders are fan blades and small plastic components.

Tried troubleshooting but still can’t figure out what’s ailing your air conditioner? Lucky for you, Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning is running a variety of pre-season AC specials, so you can have your system services for a fraction of the cost.

To learn more about how we can help you fix your AC on a budget, visit our website or call 203-378-4700.

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