The cost to heat your home in winter can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t take the proper precautions to keep the heat that your furnace or boiler produces in. While insulating your walls, attic and floors is one way to make sure that warm air doesn’t escape, there are also plenty of tips to employ that can help you prevent heat loss on a day to day basis as well.
1. Caulk well. A significant amount of heat is lost due to cracks and broken seals around your windows and doors. One of the best, and most cost-effective defenses to keep warm air from escaping is by reapplying caulk in these areas.

2. Use your curtains. If it’s dark and cold, keep your curtains closed for an added layer of protection to prevent hot air from escaping through the window. However, it it’s sunny outside, feel free to open those curtains and let the heat of natural light indoors.

3. Carpet over cold floors. Your windows and doors are not the only points of exit for your home’s heated air. Heat can also escape through your tiles and floorboards, so throwing down a plush carpet can add some insulation. Plus, it will make walking across a cold floor a lot more bearable.

4. Plug up the fireplace.
If you’ve got a fireplace your home can be losing up to 20% of it’s heat through the chimney. To prevent unnecessary heat loss, grab a fireplace plug from your local home improvement store to stop up the chimney and keep the warm air in.

5. Reverse your ceiling fan.
Ceiling fans are set to run in a counterclockwise motion, which pushes cool air downward. While this is very helpful during the warmer months, we definitely don’t need anymore cold air in winter! Instead, reserve the motor so the fan spins clockwise in the winter, lifting warm air upward and filling the room with heat.

The best ways to ensure your home stays nice and toasty this winter at an affordable cost is by making sure your heating system is functioning efficiently and installing a programmable thermostat. Luckily, Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning can help with both!

At Tyler Heating and Air Conditioning, we feel strongly that exceptional service performed by thoroughly and continually trained technicians is the best way to provide the best services possible for our customers!

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