We all love money. We love having it, we love saving it and we want to be as smart with our money as we can be. In some cases, short term spending can lead to long term gains if you know where to invest. Here at Tyler Air, we say invest in efficiency and safety by scheduling a furnace inspection today. Keep reading to learn more about how it can save you some green:

Boiler Room - Furnace Inspection

Find Problems Before They Happen

The most expensive repairs we run into are often times avoidable, but the homeowner neglected maintenance for so long that now there is no going back. We can locate a loose blower belt, debris build-up, or a filter that needs changing with our annual tune-ups. If we keep doing that every year, you greatly lower the risk of your furnace having expensive breakdowns.

Boost Efficiency

A major factor for efficiency is the lubrication of moving parts within your unit. Our team has been trained on these furnaces in the past and they can recognize when there is a need for minor tweaks and repairs. These low-cost fixes are going to save you money on heating bills and give you the peace of mind you need through the tough Winter.

Extending Furnace Life

When you purchase a furnace for a few thousand dollars, your sole goal is making that unit last as long as possible. We typically give these modern furnaces about 12-15 years before they really run down, so why not suck every ounce of life out of it? Annual maintenance WILL prolong the life of your furnace, that is just a fact!

Reduce Fire Hazards and Risk Factors

Your furnace likely runs on either gas or electricity and both can be major fire hazards if you don’t know what you are doing. We give you all kinds of DIY tips on our blog, but we NEVER recommend trying to fix a pilot light or anything with gas on your own. Trying to save a quick buck could have you paying major restoration bills in the future!

Our heating specialists are ready to get you ready for the cold weather ahead and make no mistake, Winter is Coming! Book your furnace inspection before all of our appointments start to fill up.

To book an appointment, call 203-378-4700 or fill out the form on our website! 
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