The Fall and Spring are two seasons where people use their HVAC systems the least, but these are very busy times for us at Tyler Air. We are getting everyone ready for the Winter ahead and that means getting those heating systems in working order and in good enough shape to last! Here are some things you have to look out for during Fall as it pertains to your air quality:

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Less Natural Airflow

Unfortunately, we don’t live on a tropical island (Well, kind of fortunate if you consider the hurricanes). So once October hits, the warm weather fades away and we start to get those temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s enough to cause us to close our windows, but it is not enough to necessarily turn on the heat yet. This leads to less circulation throughout your home and the humidity levels can be thrown off and cause allergies to act up. Try opening your windows when you can and utilize ceiling fans to get that important airflow going in your home.

Pest Related Issues

Common fall pests in the Northeast include mice and cockroaches which could be in your home at this very moment. The urine, feces and shedding that these animals leave behind is terrible for indoor air quality and any pest control company will tell you that. But the underlying problem is also the conditions that bring these pests inside in the first place. They are attracted to dampness, clutter and areas with food (cough, cough your basement). Those three things are not great for air quality either and moistness can cause mold to grow in your basement and circulate throughout your home once you turn on your heating system.

Problems With Your Heating System

Whether you have a furnace, boiler or heat pump, maintenance is extremely important. You wouldn’t expect to do good on an exam or report if you didn’t research and practice first right? Well, you can’t expect your furnace to perform if you don’t give it the preparation it needs. Our Tyler Air technicians will come in and clean your unit, change your filter and make sure they fix anything that will compromise your air quality!

The Tyler Air Preventative Maintenance program is a must for homeowners in the Fairfield and New Haven county areas. We will lengthen the lifespan of your unit and give you the peace of mind you need heading into the colder season. You wouldn’t want that heating system to break down on a chilly November day, so take advantage now!

To schedule maintenance, call 203-378-4700 or book an appointment online for fast and easy service!   
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