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What Do I Do With My Old A/C?

Do you have an old A/C that just isn’t cutting it? Did you maybe just install central air and now your window units serve no purpose? Regardless of your reason, we want to make sure you dispose of these A/C’s in the proper fashion for the community and the environment:

dumping garbage- old air conditioner

Don’t Just Trash It

  • Window air conditioners, especially older models, will contain a cooling refrigerant that is harmful if it sits in a landfill. It’s actually illegal to throw an air conditioner away with the other trash.
  • Old units contain R-22 refrigerants which have ozone depleting chemicals that were deemed unsafe by the EPA.
  • Newer models contain R-410A refrigerants which take out a lot of the harmful chemicals, but not all of them.
  • When these units sit in a landfill, the refrigerant will eventually leak and harm the water supply and pollute the air.

Take Advantage of the Market

National Garage Sale Day is this Saturday and what better way to get rid of an old A/C? Maybe you recently installed central air and now you have no use for a perfectly good window unit– but someone else might! You can probably make back a few dollars if you can prove that the unit still works. This will also eliminate the hassle of trying to recycle or get rid of the unit in an environmentally-friendly way.

Donate It

Nursing homes, underprivileged school districts and all public facilities might benefit from your old air conditioner. Like we said earlier, it might still be in good condition, but you just have no particular use for it anymore. If you plan on donating the unit, it must be manufactured after January 1, 2010 to ensure it doesn’t contain R-22 refrigerant.

Contact the Sanitation Department

You can call your local sanitation department and they will likely have a service that can handle this type of thing. These companies are in it for the scrap metal prices and sometimes you can even make money back on the unit.

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