Mini-split units are all the rage when it comes to home HVAC solutions lately, and for a good reason. Not only do mini-split heat pumps provide unmatched comfort for your home, but they can also improve your heating capabilities to bump up your energy usage efficiency. If you’re considering a mini-split heat pump installation, here’s what you need to know:

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The Mini-Split Heat Pump Basics:

  • Heat pumps move heat from one area to another, rather than create it – hence why they’re more energy efficient. In order to heat your home, a heat pump will pull heat from outdoors to warm things up within. (The opposite is true for cooling in the warmer months.)

  • Mini-split units use an exterior compressor and multiple indoor handlers. They are completely duct-free, and allow the homeowner to regulate the temperature in each room differently, as long a handler is present in that space.

The Pros and Cons of Mini-Split Heat Pumps:

  • Individualized zoning is a huge plus, and something that’s impossible with a traditional central HVAC unit. Imagine being able to end the fight for the thermostat once and for all!

  • With a traditional system, up to 30% of all heat generated can be lost through the ducts. Ductless eliminates that problem, making mini-split units considerably more cost-effective. Also, consider how much energy you’ll waste heating the whole house for one room, when you can just heat that specific area with a mini-split unit instead.

  • Though they’re more expensive to install, they’re also easier to install since there’s no major ductwork involved. Plus, the money you save on energy costs will outweigh the installation cost in the long run.

  • It’s important to consider that mini-split units do sit upon the wall, so they’ll have more of a presence than the vents of a traditional central HVAC system. However, technology has come a long way to make them more pleasing to the eye.

Think you’re ready to take the plunge and go ductless? If so, don’t try to DIY. We know it might be tempting, given that it’s an easier, duct-free install and all, but trust us, this is a job for a trained professional.

For more information about the benefits of going ductless, call 203-378-4700 to speak with a member of the Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning team today.
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