The winter is the most dry time of the year. Now, before you say we’re crazy, hear us out. We know that with all that rain and snow, it may seem like you’re sloshing around in water constantly, but as far as the air around you is concerned, it’s as dry as can be. Unfortunately, this creates problems, particularly with your health. Skin can become dry and itchy, hair brittle, and you may even develop a lingering cough or asthma symptoms that just won’t quit.

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So, what’s the best thing to do to add some much-needed moisture back into the air? Well, to turn on your humidifier of course. However, if you’re without a humidifier, don’t worry. There are plenty of DIY ways to moisten up the air inside your home as well:
  1. Purchase some houseplants. Believe it or not, giving off precious oxygen isn’t the only way houseplants can be beneficial. As long as you keep them well watered, transpiration allows moisture to evaporate from the leaves back into the air. Tada – enter humidity!

  2. Boil more water. Whether you’re putting on the tea kettle, or cooking up some pasta, using your stovetop more often can actually help release moisture back into the air. Think about how much steam comes off that hot cup of coffee, or those sizzling fajitas!

  3. Shower with the door open. Speaking of steam – there’s nothing in your home that produces more steam than a hot shower on a winter morning. We know, leaving the door open lets the cold air in, but it also lets all hat humidity and moisture out.

  4. Skin the clothes dryer. It may take a little longer, but allowing your clothing to air dry on a drying rack can help humidify your home. Let’s face it, that wool sweater probably shouldn’t be going in the dryer anyway.

  5. Let bowls of water abound. It might sound silly, but leaving decorative bowls or vases full of water around your home can help encourage evaporation and humidity. Pending there are not small children running around, you can even leave your bathtub full for a while after each use.

Tried everything to boost humidity, but the winter weather is still sucking up all the moisture and beating you to the punch? Don’t panic. Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Serving all of Fairfield County, New Haven County and the surrounding areas, our HVAC and air quality experts can help you choose the best humidifier for your home and budget.

For more information about our humidifiers, or to schedule a free indoor air quality evaluation, dial 203-378-4700 to speak with a member of the Tyler Team today.
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