When you think of your HVAC system, you probably think of the comfort it provides, but you also should be thinking of the protection it provides your home and your possessions. A lot of the items we have in our homes and our houses themselves are made from materials that are affected by changing temperatures. By maintaining a steady temperature and humidity level, your HVAC system has a big effect on the safety of these valuable home items.

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Many of your favorite electronic devices are kept safe by your HVAC system. High humidity levels can cause moisture to collect on components which can cause corrosion. Low humidity levels can create static electricity levels and cause electronics to short circuit. Items like plasma TVs and computers can be damaged by changes in temperature.

Upholstery and Woodwork

Temperature jumps can affect materials like leather and cause them to become discolored or cracked. Low humidity levels can cause gaps in wood flooring and warping or cracks in wood furniture. If humidity levels are too high, wood can contract or start growing mold from poor moisture control.

Artwork and Instruments

Good artwork does not come cheap, and therefore, it should be taken good care of. Unbalanced humidity levels can degrade frames while dry air can crack or shrink the canvas or paper the artwork is on. It’s best to keep temperature changes around artwork within 20 degrees. Instruments are also sensitive to the humidity changes. For example, a piano’s tune can vary depending on the surrounding air quality and woodwinds can crack if stored in dry conditions.

Pairing a humidifier or dehumidifier to a quality HVAC system can help control moisture fluctuations, while installing an automation thermostat that will allow you to control temperature and humidity levels. By keeping your home in a state of homeostasis, your HVAC system will provide protection to all the valuables you hold dear.

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