Does your dad practically live in his toolbelt? Do you come home to find him fixing everything from leaky sinks and unlevel picture frames, to laying grout or tiles? Is he always looking for a new project to get his hands on around the house? If this sounds like about right we have the perfect gifts to consider for your “DIY Dad.” Whether you’re looking to spend a few dollars or a few hundred, you’ll find it here.

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Laser Tape Measure – The Ryobi lets you accurately measure any wall in seconds with just the push of a button. And yes, that means now you’ll never have to hold the end of a retractable tape measure for your dad again. You can find it here for just $13.

A Family Project Book – With 25 family friendly projects to chose from, The Handy Dad lets you choose from quick and simple projects to ones that last the whole weekend. Whether you’re looking to build a tye dye station or a tree house, you’ll find it in here.

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Magnetic Wristband – Small nails, washers and screws always seem to go missing in the midst of a big home renovation. Keep everything secure and in dad’s sight with a MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband.

Unbreakable Hatchet – Able to cut down tree limbs, overgrown weeds and virtually anything else, the Unbreakable Hatchet is perfect for the “outdoorsy dad,” and makes a great addition to dad’s tool belt or gardening or camping equipment.

An All Purpose Tool – Trucker’s Friend All Purpose Survival Tool really lives up to it’s name, able to cut branches, hammer, remove loose nails, and chip away ice. Tucker’s also comes with a curved axe, tire chain hook, pry bar and lever, making it the perfect tool for dad’s who are on the road a lot.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones – No one wants to listen to a power drill or chainsaw all day, so replace the inevitable headache of power tools with your dad’s favorite music with the 3M TEKK WorkTunes Hearing Protector. Not only does the cushioning make these headphones comfortable to wear for hours, they’ll protect dad’s hearing.

Mobile Tool Chest – If dad’s projects can’t be contained to just the garage, invest in a tool chest with wheels. Now he won’t have to constantly be walking back and forth to his tool box, or even worse – leave them laying around the house. The Task Force 5-Drawer Steel Tool Cabinet is sold at most home centers, like Lowes and Home depot, and can hold up to 25 pounds in each drawer.

A Hose Reel – Nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour dragging out and untangling a hose, just for a 5 minute project, or to quickly rinse off your car or bike. The Best Automatic Hose Reel keeps your hose tangle free and ready whenever you need it. Best of all, it quickly retracts back into itself when the job is done.

No matter what you get him, dad is sure to love the thought you put into getting him a great gift this holiday season. If there’s ever an HVAC project dad (and his new tools) can’t tackle, be sure to give Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We feel strongly that exceptional service performed by thoroughly and continually trained technicians is the best way to provide the best services possible for our customers!

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