It’s that time of the year when homeowners start buttoning up their home for the winter months ahead. That means replacing any broken exterior elements, adding more insulation, and more importantly, recaulking those breezy windows and doors. If you’re up for the challenge this weekend, just make sure you avoid these common re-caulking mishaps that so many homeowners have fallen victim to.

 The Most Common Re-Caulking Pitfalls | Heating New Haven County | Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning

Choosing the wrong caulk.

Just like most other home improvement projects, the material you select to re-caulk your windows and doors with matters. That being said, so no to acrylic and a resounding YES to silicone. That way, your caulking will stand up to shrinking, cracking and the elements for far longer.

Focusing only on windows and doors.

It’s true, these are probably the largest problem areas when it comes to heat loss, but they’re not the only spots you should be sealing. Check entry and exit points for electrical wiring and plumbing, and make sure your attic, basement and crawl spaces are sealed up tight.

Re-applying over old caulking.

Do yourself a favor and remove the existing caulking first. We promise, with just a simple razor blade and some rubbing alcohol, you’ll have it all removed in a flash. Then, you’ll have a nice clean surface for your new caulk to adhere.

Forgetting the finishing touch.

You might think your caulking went on smooth and steady, but no caulk job is complete without tooling, or smoothing. While there’s a smoothing tool on the market, the best tool to use is your own finger. Just run it along the freshly caulked seam, pushing the caulk in and smoothing it out. This will ensure a nice, tight seal.

While you bundle up your home, take a moment to think about your furnace. When was the last time you had it serviced? Or worse, when was the last time you had it replaced? On average a decent furnace will last between 16-20 years. If yours is over the hill, consider calling in a professional to come take a look.

If you live in Fairfield County, New Haven County or the surrounding areas and are looking to get your furnace up and running for fall, Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning is the obvious choice. With friendly, knowledgeable technicians, and a ton of fall installation and repair specials to choose from, we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied! For more details, call 203-378-4700 today.