There’s nothing worse than realizing that your home’s cooling system has finally conked out for good on the hottest day of the year. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the warnings that signal your A/C is on its last leg. Sure, you may notice that the air it’s pumping out isn’t as cool or as forceful as usual, but here are a few other signs to watch out for that might not be as obvious.
Mysterious Odors – There are a variety of strange smells that might be emanating from a failing air conditioning system. For example, a foul or burning scent typically indicates that the wire insulation has been burned through. If you’re experiencing more of a musty smell, there is likely mold and mildew growing inside your ducts, which is very serious and should be dealt with immediately.

Unusual Sounds – Like most mechanical systems, when you hear and sounds that are out of character for your air conditioner, this is usually a good indication that something has gone awry. Squealing noises usually signal that a belt has broken or become displaced, while grinding or grating sounds can mean that your motor bearings need replacing.

Unexplained Moisture – If you’re finding unexplained leaks and wetness near your air conditioner, there are usually two main causes to consider. First, it’s possible that your refrigerant is leaking, which can cause serious health risks if left unattended to. If that’s not the case, check your drain tube to make sure it hasn’t become blocked or broken.

No matter what kind of noises, sounds or symptoms your air conditioner is displaying, if you suspect your unit is on the fritz it’s always best to call a professional first. That way, you can have the problem diagnosed properly and dealt with by a professional.

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