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Water Heaters

Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Fairfield & Western New Haven Counties, CT

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When your residential water heater starts to fall behind or fail frequently, you can have a bit of trouble on your hands. When that time comes, you can count on Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC for superior water heater replacement services.

Our certified and licensed water heater experts provide a combination of our extensive experience and skill with the best products available in the industry, offering you a one-stop shop for all of your hot water needs. We place you first and strive to provide excellence in every service we provide, so when you want water heater replacement that you can trust, reach out to Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC in New Haven County.

Seeking water heater installation “near me” in the western New Haven County or Fairfield County areas? Connect with us online now to schedule a consultation, or call 203-378-4700!

Superior Water Heater Replacement

A new water heater should perform better, operate more efficiently, and should be able to keep up with your home’s use and demand with ease. But for your water heater to function properly, you need water heater installers who know what they’re doing because of their experience and extensive training. You’ll find the contractors at Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC to be more than capable!

water heater installation

We offer a range of water heater options, from conventional natural gas or electric water heaters to new modern tankless systems that provide consistent water with no recuperation time. If you’re unsure which system suits you best, our water heater replacement team can walk you through the advantages of each in order to help you make the call that meets your needs most effectively.

Never DIY a Water Heater Installation

Besides potentially voiding your manufacturer’s warranty, DIY water heater installation can cause water or gas leaks if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you mess something up, you’ll end up having to call a plumber anyway—so why risk it?

Call the experts at Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC for an estimate today. Just dial 203-378-4700.

How Long Will My Hot Water Heater Last?

When properly maintained with an annual tank flush and inspection, most water heaters can last a minimum of eight years and up to 15 or 20 for higher quality tankless units. However, no system is built to last through extensive wear and tear, and some situations may demand a replacement sooner. Our hot water heater installation team suggests replacing when:

  • Your water heater is no longer keeping up with your needs.
  • Your water heater has become too inefficient—consuming excessive fuel or electricity.
  • The water heater needs repairs too frequently or the needed repairs are too costly.
  • Your water heater fails to produce water of a sufficient temperature.
  • The tank of your conventional water heater shows extensive corrosion or has a crack.

Unsure whether a replacement is necessary or if a water heater repair may suffice? You can trust our technicians to provide their honest opinion.

Professional Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Milford & Stratford, CT

When it comes to the water heater in your home, your needs are simple: you want a system you can depend on and a service team that offers affordable, trustworthy solutions. You’ll find these and much more when you work with the quality-focused and capable professionals at Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC.

Schedule a consultation with us online any time, or call 203-378-4700 to get in touch with a water heater installer near you in Fairfield or western New Haven County!

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