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Oil To Gas Conversions

Oil To Gas Conversions

Save big with an Oil to Gas conversion

Make the switch to natural gas with an oil to gas conversion from Tyler and start saving on your energy bill!

Oil to Gas Conversion Connecticut

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What to expect with your Oil to Gas Conversion:

Question: What time will out technicians arrive at your house to begin; at what time of the day do they leave?
Answer: Our technicians try to arrive around 8:00 am on the day(s) of the installation and depending on the job they will put in at least a full 8 hour day. However, some jobs may be very close to completion and our technicians will stay until a reasonable time to have the job finished without having to return the next day.

Question: Do I (the homeowner) need to be home for the installation?
Answer: No. You do not need to be home for the entire day but you will need to provide access in to the residence each and every day that they are scheduled to be working there. In addition, our technicians may need to discuss the project to ensure you understand the scope of work. We expect access to the house between 7:00 – 8:00 AM unless otherwise discussed by our management. Once the project is completed, we require the homeowner(s) to be present to review the project and also to explain the operation of the new equipment.

Question: Will I (the homeowner) be without heat or hot water during the installation?
Answer: We try to make the installation process as painless as possible however, there may be some downtime with heat and hot water depending on many different reasons. Our technicians try to minimize your heat/hot water down time and may provide temporary, portable heaters/water heaters in most cases.

Question: What do I (the homeowner) need to do prior to the installation?
Answer: Usually very little; please make certain the area where the technicians will be working is free of clutter and a clear path for the old equipment to the entry/exit are is easily manageable.

Question: What can I expect from the technicians?
Answer: Our technicians are all professionals and will treat your property as if it is there own. Should they require access to your living space(s), they will lay down drop cloths accordingly along with wearing shoe covers.

Question: Do I need to worry about Permits or Inspections?
Answer: No, we obtain all applicable permits and inspections with state and local municipalities.

Question: What is an “Air Test”?
Answer: We install all the required gas piping for the job (from the outdoor Meter Bar to the equipment) and prior to being able to have the gas turned on, we must have a town/city building inspector review our workmanship and confirm that it is flawless; only then can the Gas Company install a gas meter to the outdoor meter bar.

Question: If I (the homeowner) have any other questions about the installation who can I ask?
Answer: There will be a lead technician on site throughout the installation process and he can answer all of your questions on the installation. Also, you may call your salesman or our office at any time with any questions or concerns you may have.

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