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Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement in Fairfield & Western New Haven Counties, CT

A boiler should be able to last for roughly 20 years, but past that point—or sooner under certain conditions—it will be time to seek a water boiler replacement. You’ll need a service team you can trust, and one that has the skill and experience to handle the project correctly. Luckily, you’ve come to Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC!

Our heating contractors serve Fairfield and western New Haven counties, providing boiler troubleshooting and repair, boiler installation, and routine maintenance. We’re proud to be the local HVAC company that homeowners and business owners can trust. With our quality products, you’re certain to get a system that will last for decades to come.

To schedule boiler replacement or a consultation with our heating contractors, call 203-378-4700 or reach us online!

Boiler Replacement Services

boiler replacement CTAt Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC, our experts take the time to fully assess your heating needs so that we can match you with the ideal unit. After that, our boiler installation experts take the lead, carefully integrating your new heating unit to maximize performance and heating power. We offer boiler heating units from Lochinvar and Burnham, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be selecting from trusted brands that represent the best in modern high-efficiency boiler design and performance.

Have a Question About Boilers? Ask Our Team!

  • When should I replace my boiler? This depends on both the quality of the unit itself, and how often you’ve been keeping up with annual maintenance. Typically, a boiler only needs to be replaced after around 20 years, or when an unusual issue has robbed the unit of its ability to perform up to your standards.
  • What is a high-efficiency boiler? High-efficiency boilers make use of a secondary heat exchanger in order to boost performance and efficiency. The second exchanger reclaims a portion of the heat that is normally wasted in a standard unit, ensuring you get the most from your fuel.
  • Does my boiler need to be repaired or replaced? Don’t hesitate to connect with your local HVAC company to schedule a consultation! It can often be hard to make the right call on this, but a trustworthy company will help you come to the conclusion that suits your situation best.
  • Are boilers a good choice for heating in Connecticut? Boilers are powerful, durable, and modern systems that can reach efficiency ratings of 90-95 AFUE. These factors make them a prime choice for home and business heating in Fairfield County and New Haven County.

Can I Install My Own Boiler?

We know that installing a boiler yourself is a tempting idea, but as experienced HVAC contractors, we must strongly advise against attempting to install your own heating system. A lot goes into installing a boiler correctly, including selecting the right unit according to your heating load, matching the system to your electrical systems, handling gas lines—it’s a major undertaking, and one that a professional trains years for in order to accomplish correctly.

Attempting to install on your own exposes you to extensive health risks and also can waste tons of time and money. Leave the task to a pro and you can have a new boiler installed in a day or two!

Boiler Replacement & Boiler Installation in Connecticut

Are you ready to regain the heating quality and efficiency you deserve? Connect with Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC for superior service! Our team strives to be exceptional in all regards, from offering leading products, to friendly and dependable customer service.

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