The holiday season has begun and with it so does the house full of guests. Though your primary concern might be having a tidy home and well-stocked fridge for the main event, don’t ignore your temperature.  With the stove running and the family crammed in, it can be quite easy for your house to go from comfy cozy to humid and uncomfortable. To avoid the temperature climb, here are three ways to keep your heating issues at bay for the holidays.

Family celebrating the holiday comfortably and cool

Watch The Temperature: When it comes to your home’s temperature level, body heat can play a significant role. When your house becomes packed with family and friends, the weather can quickly rise, and your once comfy home is now an uncomfortable sauna. To ensure that everyone is comfortable at all times, keep the temperature around 5 degrees lower than you usually would.

Use Your Fans: Lowering the temperature isn’t enough, you’ll need reinforcements like your ceiling and exhaust fans. The extra heat from the holiday feast you’ll be cooking can turn up the warmth, so by keeping your exhaust fans on and utilizing ceiling fans in the most occupied rooms, you can remove the extra heat and keep the air circulating so no one will have to skip out before dessert.

Beware of Humidity: with extra guests in the home, humidity can also become an issue. As the conversation begins to flows so does the moisture in their breath, causing your humidity to rise. To make sure the air doesn’t become sticky and uncomfortable, try using a dehumidifier 20 to 30 minutes before the guest arrives.

Having trouble getting your home to a comfortable temperature? Let the professionals at Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC have a look. Our knowledgeable service and installation teams will be able to tell you what’s ailing your heating system and will help you take the correct steps to fix or replace it. To learn more about our heating repair and installation services, call at 203-378-4700.

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