It may surprise you to hear cooking accounts for almost 5% of your home’s total energy usage. And that’s before factoring the energy it takes to keep the fridge and freezer cold enough to keep your food fresh, or that needed to run your dishwasher after dinnertime ends. Pretty crazy, right? And also pretty scary, considering the biggest cooking holiday is right around the corner — Thanksgiving!

Lessen the blow to your energy bills during the holiday season:

Stop sneaking a peek! Did you know that every time you open the oven door is opened, the oven’s internal temperature can drop by as much as 25 degrees? So the next time you’re tempted to gaze at that juicy, roasting bird — say no! Not only will you be saving energy costs, but the turkey will cook faster, which means less wait time for you.

Consider busting out the crock pot. Why waste energy on the stove or oven when your crock pot can do the same job with a whole lot less energy waste? Even the toaster oven can be utilized to save up to half the energy, with the same great tasting results.

Turn down the temperature. We’re not crazy. We know it’s freezing out. But we also know that having all those extra warm bodies around cooking in the kitchen can heat things up on their own. Give your home’s heating system a break can help keep costs down, but can also help keep your unit in great shape.

If you find yourself in a home heating pickle this Thanksgiving, remember that Tyler Air is always there. Weekends, holidays, we’re here to provide emergency HVAC service to those in Fairfield and New Haven Counties 24/7/365! Just pick up the phone and dial 203-378-4700.
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