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How to Properly Remove Your Window Air Conditioner

Removing a window air conditioner might seem like an easy feat, but leaving out one or two steps could set you back! It’s always good to have a checklist with you during any job and if you can check off all these tasks, you and your air conditioner should be safe and sound:

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Step 1

Shut down your air conditioner and remove the front panel and set in a safe place.

Step 2

Lay a towel down on the floor so you don’t scuff the carpet or floor. Before you go to remove the air conditioner, step on the power cord just in case it decides to fall out the other way.

Step 3

If your air conditioner is held in the window with screws, you’ll want to remove those with the window panel DOWN! This is very important and you also want to make sure you keep one hand on the top of the air conditioner at all times.

Step 4

Once you remove the sides or pull them closed, reach through the window with your free hand and pull the air conditioner closer to you. Once it is balanced, pull the top window pane and screen up.

Step 5

Pull the air conditioner out of the window and lay it down on the towel. If there is any additional support that was used to hold in the window, you can go ahead and remove that as well.

Step 6

Close the window and seal any cracks or spaces that might have been left behind. Even the tiniest cracks and seams can cost you when Winter rolls in.

If you have any problems with your window or wall unit, the cooling experts at Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC can get that fixed up for you before next season! Once you have the unit removed, we can also inspect your furnace or boiler to make sure it is safe to get you through heating season.

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