If your old central air conditioner has failed you this early in July, you’re likely scrambling to find a new one so you can beat the heat. But how about an alternative? You have tried the central air route and maybe change is something you need. Check out the options that are available on the market:

ductless air conditioner- mini split systems

Whole House Fans

The concept behind a whole house or ‘attic’ fan is quite simple. It draws cooler air from your windows and doors and forces it up into the attic. This will force hot air up through the roof and cool your home from top to bottom.
  • Fans use FAR less energy than you air conditioners (up to 90% less). They are obviously not as effective, but on those moderate days, a fan might be a smarter choice.
  • They are easy to install and maintain.
  • They are virtually useless on humid days.
  • They can negatively impact indoor air quality because they can be difficult to clean.
  • They tend to be noisy and difficult to sleep with in upstairs bedrooms.

Ductless System

They gained their popularity overseas and are quickly becoming a fad here in the United States. It is kind of like a hybrid between a central air unit and a window air conditioner.
  • Very quiet and smooth.
  • The indoor and outdoor components are both small and relatively easy to install. Not large and clunky like traditional air conditioners.
  • They come with zoning capabilities that let you cool individual rooms.
  • People have trouble trusting something they haven’t seen before. Many still elect to go with traditional central A/C units or window air conditioners.

In-Wall Air Conditioner

There is no need to get into specifics here. We all know what these traditional air conditioners look like and how they work. But did you know you can install them in a wall instead of your window?
  • You can install them permanently and seal with insulation so you don’t have to lug it in or out.
  • They don’t block your window view!
  • The unit slides in and out of a chassis so it can be serviced easily.
  • They can be larger than window units and some can cool your whole first floor.
  • Cutting the hole requires the help of a professional team.
  • You may need to install a new electrical outlet that can handle the load.
Here at Tyler Air, we are New Haven’s premiere air conditioner repair and installation service. We have been for over a decade and the trust that our customers put in us is something that we value greatly. We will consult you on all of your options and together, we will find the best choice for you.

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