There are few things more satisfying than finally completing a difficult HVAC job after a long day’s work. In fact, we think we speak for all our HVAC technicians when we say there’s nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment when you finally solve a puzzling furnace or AC issue. That being said, there is one thing that will always take the cake — a positive review from the satisfied customer whose home we were working in all day!

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At Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning, aside from providing high-quality service and personalized HVAC solutions, offering excellent customer service with a smile is #1 on our list of priorities. Luckily, based on the review from Chris, a recent customer, it looks like we’ve hit that nail right on the head!

“These were the best contractors anyone could ever hope for. They treat you like family and with respect and are very willing to work through any problem you may encounter with a new install until you are satisfied — even if it takes multiple visits. Don (Donny) Thomas was just awesome!

I had a Carrier performance mini-split heat pump system installed back in October that was installed very professionally over the course of 3-4 days — at the agreed upon quote from Tom, the sales rep. Starting with the free home visit, he was the only contractor of three who did a rough heat load calculation on my place and spec-ed out a system right in front of me with a printed quote and all. Very professional and personable. The system looks great, all the parts are there and it’s pretty cool having three ducted mini-splits that were non-invasive. No major alterations were needed to my home to accommodate these units. It looks like a central air system with ducts.

Where Tyler shined was their support after the install between November and February. (These issues were with the carrier system NOT the contractors.) After two days, my system was having large heat zone differences in some areas of 6-11 degrees when using the heat pump. I called and they sent their tech out to resolve the problem. After about 3-4 visits some research was done to find out the system wasn’t turning off the multi-zones at the set temp. This turned into them following up with Carrier’s tech support to schedule a person to come to the house. It turns out only a carrier corporate tech can resolve and change this odd setting, but Don kept on them to get me taken care of as fast as possible. Donny kept me updated weekly on the status of this issue, which was very helpful.

After that was resolved, one zone wasn’t blowing enough air to heat the place at a certain outdoor temp. Again, Donny followed up with me promptly and fixed the issue very fast and now my system works great as expected… So while my Carrier system is decent, I would never have been able to get through this mess without the backing of Tyler on my side. Contractors always get a bad rep for leaving after they do a job, but not these guys. I really lost count how many visits they made to help, but they were well worth the price they quoted me. Even the installers were very respectful, and happy to do their jobs here. Really just puts you in a good mood to work with people who enjoy their work. Overall: I am more than willing to continue to do business with them as they have earned my respect as a contractor ten times over. I recommend them 100%.”

— Chris Y., April 2017

We value our customers’ opinions and invite any past or current customers to leave a review and let us know how your experience working with us was. To write a review, or to see a list of additional review, please visit our Angie’s List, Facebook or Google+ page!
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