Old man winter is knocking at the door – but what’s likely got home owners even more riled up than the cold, is the cost of keeping everyone warm in the meantime! We can’t lie, heating an entire home can cost a pretty penny, especially if you don’t take these simple steps to reduce your heating bills in the first place:

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Bulk up the bedding.

Something as simple as adding another layer on your bed can help keep you cozy enough to turn down that thermostat at night. Remember, for every 1 degree you can stand to turn the temperature down, you’ll save 1-3% on your heating bill each year.

Flip the fan direction.

Bet you didn’t know that a ceiling fan could be used to heat a room! By allowing you fan to run clockwise, instead of counterclockwise, you can pull down some of the warmer air that’s risen. Studies have shown that simply flipping that switch can save up to 15% in heating costs.

Insulate your windows.

Thick drapes and window dressings are just the first step. Don’t forget to apply a window film to the actual glass as well. This translucent film can help reduce heat loss through older windows by up to 40%. Bonus: It also reflects sunlight in the summer, helping to keep your rooms cool in the warmer months.

If you’re looking for a surefire way to save money this winter, look no further than a furnace upgrade from Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning. Serving all of New Haven County, Fairfield County and the surrounding areas, the experts at Tyler can help you decide on the new and improved model that will get keep your family toasty and get you the best bang for your buck.

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