It can be hard to know when our HVAC system is crying out for help. After all, they can’t flat out tell us right? Sort of. While your air conditioner can’t yell for assistance, it can raise some important red flags that you shouldn’t ignore. Here are some of the most common:

Don’t Ignore These 5 AC Warning Signs! | Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning | AC Repair New Haven County

#1:The unit refuses to kick on.
There’s no warning sign more blaring than one that says, “I don’t want to work.” Most times this can be remedied by resetting your thermostat. Check the settings, the battery and the circuit breaker. Worst case, your compressor has kicked the bucket!

#2: Your utility bills are through the roof.
If you haven’t changed the way you’re using your air conditioner, then the unit itself must have changed the way it’s working — for the worse. Sometimes replacing the filter will do the trick, other times, you’ll have to call in a pro to check out your condensing coil.

#3: You hear clinks and clanks.
Noisy air conditioners can mean a few different things. If you’re lucky, the culprit is just a loose, rattling screw, or a piece of debris bumping around in your air ducts. On the other hand, it could mean your system needs a new motor or fan blade. It’s best to consult a pro to decipher.

#4: The vents are blowing warmer air than usual.
Expecting 70 degree breezes as per your thermostat but not feeling them? You may be due for a refrigerant recharge. Refrigerant is what keeps cool air pumping out of your unit. You may also need to check whether or not your refrigerant lines are insulated.

#5: You’ve found a slippery surprise.
A nice big puddle, right next to your furnace. What now? The most common cause is a blockage or issue with your drip pan or drain line. Inspect the line for kinks and clogs first. It’s likely you’ll need to clear the blockage or have the tube replaced.

What is your air conditioner trying to tell you lately? Could you use a professional opinion to help you decode some of its warning signs? If so, look no further than Tyler Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experienced technicians, extensive knowledge and affordable service are what makes us number one for HVAC services in Fairfield County, New Haven County and beyond.

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