The air conditioners we know and love today have come a long, long way. Just how long you ask? Allow us to use this “Throwback Thursday” to take you back in time to where indoor cooling technology first began.
1758 – Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley, a professor at Cambridge University at the time, began experimenting with liquid evaporation. They discovered that when alcohol and other volatile liquids evaporate it produces a cooling effect as they did.

1820 – Just a few decades after Franklin and Hadley’s discovery, inventor Michael Faraday made the a similar find across the pond in England. By compressing and liquefying ammonia, he was able to simulate a cooling effect that could freeze water.

1851 – A Floridian Hospital was one of the first buildings to enjoy the benefits an early air conditioner model. Dr. John Gorrie, a doctor at the hospital, built and patented a cooling system using buckets of ice and blowing air. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the financial backing to further his ideas.

1881 –
On July 2, a blazing hot summer day in Washington D.C., President James Garfield was assassinated by Charles J. Guiteau. Navy engineers were recruited to create a cooling system to keep the President comfortable while he healed — which unfortunately never happened. The cooling device they created however, incorporated water-soaked cloth and fans that successfully lowered room temperature by up to 20 degrees.

1906 –
The term “air conditioning” is finally coined by engineer Stuart Cramer! He created a ventilating device for his textile mill in North Carolina that regulated humidity levels, making spinning yarn much more efficient.

1914 – Air conditioners are introduced into the home for the first time — and by home we mean the mansion belonging to Charles Gates that is. Standing at about 7 feet high, 6 feet wide and 20 feet long, while air conditioned, the home was unfortunately seldom used.

1931 – At-home air conditioners saw some advancements at this time, when H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman invented the first window A/C unit. Much like the individual space cooling units we use today, these sat conveniently on a window ledge, but cost up to the equivalent of $600k now.

Itching to learn more about your favorite summertime technology? Tune in next week for part two of our journey through the air conditioner invention timeline!

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